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Games to Go: Silly Mistakes

Read a familiar poem or story.

Make any kind of Silly Mistake that will be obvious to your child.


For example:

You might replace a word with

Jack and Jill went up the pickle.

Jack climbed up the beanstalk and found the
penguin’s house.

You might say the words in the
wrong order:

The first little pig built a straw of house.

Snowman the Frosty had to hurry on his way.

You might say a word with the wrong first sound; or
swap sounds:

The clock struck one, The mouse ran down,
Dickory, Hickory Hock.

Old Mac Donald had a farm.

Goodnight moon.
Goodnight cow jumping over the joon.

Ask your child to catch your error! (Silly Mom or Dad.)


More Fun with Silly Mistakes

Your child tries to ‘trick’ you by making a Silly Mistake.


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