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Games to Go: Blend Words and Tap Them Apart Again

1. Say one sound at a time: er-r-r--oh--z-z-z.

Remember to pronounce the sounds correctly.

2. The child blends the sounds into a whole word: "Rose."

3. Then the child says the word again, stretching it out and tapping a 'magic wand' once for each sound: [tap] r-r-r,  [tap] oh,  [tap] z-z-z.

An index finger makes a good 'magic wand.'

Say sounds
Child blends
Child taps and says
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Choose words to match your child’s skill.
  • Begin with two-sound words:

M-m-m--y (‘my’),   S-s-s--ee (‘see’),   J--oe,
Kn--ee,   I--ce,   T--oy,   Sh--oe.
(Count sounds, not letters)

  • It’s easier when the beginning sound is stretchy: m-m-m . . a . . t (‘mat’)
  • It’s more difficult when the beginning sound is short: p . . . ie,   
    d . . o . . g
Once students can 'Blend & Tap' the easiest words,
they are ready to begin a Phonics program.

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