Comprehension and rtlogotype
Get the Meaning

Try this experience. The words on the left sound okay,
but they mislead our sense of meaning.

Reed This Sigh Lent Lee:

A Con Tree Fan Tessie
Wok with mi.
Whee halve thyme two kiln.
Wheel deep art the rowed and sea a knew seen.

Oak Hay.  

Then try this 'translation' . . .
Read This Silently:

A Country Fantasy
Walk with me.
We have time to kill.
We'll depart the road and see a new scene.


Whee pass buy woulds awl mourn, fined sum flours on hour root, in hale there suite sent.
We pass by woods all morn, find some flowers on our route, inhale their sweet scent.
Thyme four sum s'knacks.
The creak is love lea and hi.
Kickoff hour shoo's and weighed inn two the currant . . .
Owe! Wier awl wet!
Time for some snacks.
The creek is lovely and high.
Kick off our shoes and wade into the current . . .
Oh! We're all wet!
Ewe Dee side that Yule clime hire, two the pique.
Aisle weight for ewe hear wile I dry inn the son.
At the sum mitt ewe paws to wrest, and cite too dear and won bare.
You decide that you'll climb higher, to the peak.
I'll wait for you here while I dry in the sun.
At the summit you pause to rest, and sight two deer and one bear.
Win ewe re: tern the son Hydes; the reign begins.
Weave staid to long.
Inn know thyme knight will Dee send.
Sew whee rays an umbrella and tern too home.
When you return the sun hides; the rain begins.
We've stayed too long.
In no time night will descend.

So we raise an umbrella and turn to home.
Did it get easier to construct meaning as you went?
That's what reading really is--the skill of constructing meaning from text.

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