Comprehension and rtlogotype

Did you ever guess what someone was going to say, before they had finished saying it?

Beginners with well-developed language can use Prediction to help them read.
     They can make educated guesses about what will come n---.

Predction is one of the language skills that helps readers make sense of it all more easily, more fluently.


When we are following the ideas, a missing word here and there may not be much of a problem:

The atmosphere inside the restaurant was warm and inviting;
the _____ was delicious and satisfying.

We can still understand the gist of the message.


Sometimes we can predict words without de-coding the vowels.
Here, there are no vowels:

Th mn fll dwn th strs.
Lukly h ws nt hrt.


Prediction works when we use all the clues to make sense.

     We can predict: ‘The car ran out of g--.’

We are unlikely to predict: ‘The car ran out of gym.’


Prediction is a sign that the language system is ‘on.’

     We use Phonics to guide and check our Predictions as we read.


What does this say?

Take me to your
your leader

Are you sure?
Prediction can make proofreading difficult!
Despite its drawbacks, Prediction is a characteristic of mature, fluent reading.

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