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Games to Go: Match First Sounds

Say the First Sound

Ask: What do you hear first, when I say ‘s-s-s-sun’?
The child’s answer is "s-s-s."

What do you hear first when I say . . .
(Child says)
. . . m-m-m-oon ?
. . . r-r-r-ride ?
. . . pony?

You can stretch out sounds that are stretch-able.
You can exaggerate sounds that are short.


The first sound of ‘shoe’ and ‘sugar’ is sh-h-h.
(Think sound, not how the word is spelled.)

The first sound of 'tickle' is /t/--whispered, not 'tuh.'
Learn to
pronounce the sounds correctly.

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Think of a Word

Name words that begin with the same sound as the child’s name (or other familiar names including favorite characters).

Say: “Richie is looking for things to put in his toy box. Can we help him?”

Take turns naming things to go into the toy box.
  • Richie put a rabbit in his toy box.
  • Richie put a rainbow in his toy box.
  • Richie put a wrinkle . . .
  • Richie put a refrigerator . . .

(Nonsense is fine--and fun!)

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You’re out of here!

Find the word that does not belong with the other first sounds:

[Parent]: rainbow, star, Richie

[Child]: Star! You’re out of here!

Which does not belong?
(Child says)
Funny, phone, toy
You're out of here!

Pony, look, letter
You're out of here!

Sugar, mom, shiny
You're out of here!

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