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Phonemic Awareness & Phonics In Action

Experience your ‘Mind’s Ear.’

Read silently, and listen in your mind:

Funup, Munup     Funup, Funum     Funup, Fuzup

We can see that one part of the spelling has changed--and instantly ‘hear’ how and where that changes the sound of the word.


In fluent reading, we ‘hear’ mentally without having to ‘think’ about it.

An - Fan - Fat - Fit - Sit - Sick - Sock
Stock - Tock - Tom

We se-hear what is the same, and we see-hear what has changed.


This amazing process depends most of all, on a strong ‘Mind’s Ear,’ strong Phonemic Awareness.

We know sound, which exists in the dimension of time.


We know letters, which exist in the dimension of space.


Children had better learn well the tricky ‘Mind’s Ear’ parts because . . .

In order to use Phonics fluently, children need to
transform space into time!

Written squiggles on the space of the page
become passing sounds in the ‘Mind’s Ear.’

(Who said that reading is not rocket science?)


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